Terminal Velocity

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Author Lucidium
Tags action author:lucidium bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-01-10
by 59 people.
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Description I was reluctant to post this for a while, because I've avoided using code editing in all my other maps. But I like this so much I eventually gave in.

It's a very short, simple map, though it should provide a nice challenge. You should be able to complete this in under 370 frames. If you're really good, you can do it in under 170.

This map was featured on 2010-12-10

The first thing you notice is the mine about to slam into your face. The second thing you notice is your heart pounding in your ears. You glance up, analyzing the world in a moment - all you see is a blur. You search desperately for somewhere to land; but alas, it is in vain.

You have reached Terminal Velocity. — _destiny^-

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very cool indeed
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are the demo lengths not all equal? O.o
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fun.. but not much to it =P
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I like Tetris's more.


rounded up. i love the code editing, and i never get bored of it

Indeed. Luci's is better.


was also featured, so you almost certainly are getting it from that.

also this is a cool map


blueteris made a survival using the same mechanic


Like a simple challenge rather than a complete map.

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love you destiny

Yikes. Major deja vu about this map, but I've never commented so I can't think why.
One of my favorite lucidium maps.


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How the fuck...don't remember this map but apparently played it two years back.
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I didn't enjoy it.


Well that was really awesome for about 2 seconds. Now what . . .
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Fun and unique - 4/5
so I will link back. (It's not my map, by the way).
It's the same idea, but not as well executed.
As Yesterday Repeats []
5/5aved, by the way.


with an extra trip around
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Amazingly fun

fastest route too.
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Already had rated!


4/5 Creative idea.
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I matched nevermore

what a beast!
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Nice map

4.5/5, it took me a while to get a demo this quick
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I did it. :-D

Awesome idea Lucidium
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I see now...
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I just don't see how nevermore beat us all by one frame.
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demo - 109.950
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You are awesome

Perhaps this isn't the best place to say it, but you, Lucidium, are the best mapmaker in my opinion. I just loaded all your maps, and played them for quite a while.

This map was fun too, 4,5/5. Original!

awesome concept

really too short for it to be much fun and once i beat it i didnt really want to play it again. Adding optional gold might make it longer/more replayable though. 3.5


Cool map
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I got it

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