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Happy 50th!

With a good one

Cool dude

I love this map. It is great, Lucidium. Also try out my map.


Someone please solve my puzzle:


I dont like it! - But i think its a good map - needs to be harder!


seriously, you and evil_bob have to be my favorite puzzle makers of all time
oh yeah....4.5/5..nice


watch my 25000+ completion (im a newb)
Demo Data

not fun

i had not fun playing this 2/5

One of...

The best puzzles I've ever played. This is a great difficulty level, because it never gets frustrating. 5 ninjas.

All gold

Awesome map. The hardest gold to get is the pocket at the very top.
Demo Data


Demo Data

Please, Please

make more maps, I love them all, and if you have anymore laying around plaease submit them too, cause they're probably just as amazing