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Author Sweep
Tags author:sweep incomplete rated
Created 2006-01-12
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description A cool tileset that I couldn't make a really good map out of.

If you use it, please credit me and link to this map.

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here it is

its actually my first post i just forgot to put it up here


I'm making a map out of it, and im trying to turn this style into a race

around 4/5

Cool lil map.
I'll be making a map out of it so if u want take a look .

edit this

put N in the border.


Man, you should DEFINITELY submit this to the tileset madness competition.

pretty good

this would make a great maze-puzzle map 4/5


Oh ho! I see what _this_ is! It's on now! I challenge you... to a DUEL!

*puts on his boxing gloves*

nice - 4/5

Good race map tileset.....