The End of the World!

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Author turtles
Tags action author:turtles playable rated
Created 2006-01-12
Last Modified 2006-07-24
by 9 people.
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Description Edited: easier and funner, believe me...the troll abouve it is impossible to rate this too...PLEASE

For the calcgenius. now that theres a good n-art after it, i just want to say two things. 1. poo. 2. i dont care about rating anymore. N is dying out. I just submit maps for people to enjoy. Asking you to rate my maps high is just so that snipers dont make me feel bad about myself.

If anyone at all can rate some of my other maps higher, that would be great, because someone sniped most of them and made them go down half a notch. Thank you.

Post demos and ratings. Have fun! Seriously, have fun!

I mean it, show me how much fun youre having!

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I dont mind

I do that too. Feel free to comment as much as you want, but NEVER use profanity on my maps (not that you did)

Take that...

snipers, Ya thats right, the rating went up so like it. Sorry had to do that, my rating made it go up, which made me feel good. :)

no problem

it was fun to make


Thanks, turtle!
Demo coming up.

u didnt rate it

lear chiater.....,......poo
that zombie troll orc gorrila monster is way too flashy...sigh

ill rate it man

i feel slack now hehe lol gimme a chance to play it first tho

thats it

i think that this is going to be tough...Ill try though


alright, ideas it is...

make a dda/race like level that only works in frame by frame, and you only have to tap the correct key on the correct frame to not die...

Demo Data

suggestions wanted

for my next map

someone rated it

i think ill dance. Thank you sooooo much


That took forever... I thought it was impossible for awhile :P Which makes me wonder how many possible paths a level of this design has. "Variety is the spice of life," eh? Eh?
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this is hard

for a reason
Demo Data