Mine Room

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Author computer111
Tags author:computer111 featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-01-13
by 20 people.
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This map was featured on 2010-05-12

NUMA is simply not complete without including the infamous computer111. Unfortunately, most currently active users weren't around when he submitted partially stolen works of genius such as this. For the veterans who have the overwhelming displeasure of remembering this delightfully repugnant sprite you will discover that deep down; this feature is the shit. This feature is dedicated to skyline, who taught us all that it is more important to trick users into playing maps using cunning wordplay rather than actually selecting a excellent very good good average playable map.ska

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This is better than exactly two featured maps I have played.

I thought the contest was a fun idea. :[


It plays alright actually. Deserves at lest a 1.
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This is /the/ most idiotic response I've seen on NUMA in a long time.

Congratulations, I suppose.

Whats up with all the bad reviews these days? Are the reviewers trying to be funny/ironic or something?

Just pick a decent map and review it for goodness sake!
Not because of the content, but because it went over the size restriction. You can repost it smaller if you like.


this is actually a metamap and you've stolen the tiles and you've made a bad map out of it!
shame on you!

seldom seen

such a boring map :/
realy sorry
*map delisted*

Also ska, please don't be an ass. Skyline's contest is in nothing but good spirits, and is an attempt to find reviewers who can present their opinions of a map in exciting fashion. I don't we can have this two faced argument on NUMA that you can only become a reviewer if you choose good maps to review, but then say that a reviewer has the right to review any map he pleases because he is the reviewer.

I have a feeling..

This is going to be very controversial.


haha but really
Demo Data


argggg goddammit



redundant win ftw is how to count to 1.
How could you do this to us!?

You remind me a lot of this kid Shuichi who just wants to be the worst author on NUMA. He rates everyone's maps 5s but aims to get zeroes on his maps. If this sounds like you, you are not cool.

He also could do the Rubik's cube in 18 seconds. Maybe Shuichi and you should stick to that.


Do not steal MetaNet maps.
Just don't.

forgot to tell you

if you get the golds you can stop the rockets
good luck