Demonic Defence

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob innovative playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-01-15
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 19 people.
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Description This map was named/inspired after one of favorite games - Demonic Defence -
It was also inspired by Sendy's map "What Now?!?! (an N riddle)" ( ). It is different but in a way my map has the same idea. Anyway, in my map you have 3 choices and depending on what you do it changes the rest of the level. These are the difficulties of each way:

Left most: Medium
Middle: Easy*
Right most: Hard

*All gold can only be gotten by choosing the middle way (normaly this is the easiest way unless you go for gold).

I hope you have fun playing. Please note that it is more for demos and fun than difficulty. Also - once you win the drones look cool (you will know what I mean if you beat it).

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Speed demo of the hard way.
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More demos FTW

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hard way really poor demo here lol
Demo Data

Great map

More fun imo than sendy's map as it isn't too hard of a challenge, and the many options fit in very well. A 5 and a fave from me.
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I fixed it so nevermores demo no longer works. now it is impossible to cheat.


Never even knew you could do that. Damn. ohh well. not like many people can do it and it does not really matter.

All gold

All switch, all trapdoor demo.
Quite hard to execute the technique I used to cheat, but it's possible.
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So you can stand on nothing...
For a seccond I thought you ahd cheated the syatem and I was like "DAMN YOU". Then I looked at your demo...
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If you are confused

A demo...
Demo Data
This is more for demos and fun than for difficulty.