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Author Killisk
Tags author:killisk bitesized playable puzzle rated v1.3c
Created 2004-10-09
by 79 people.
Map Data

Description Hey, only three objects! The ninja, exit, and exit switch! Very frustrating. Good luck.

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I don't really want to see more, though. I'd really rather not to get sick of this map-type, because it's so cool...

Was this...

...not stolen from the game?


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i was doing pretty good until i got back to the beggining
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Im just happy I beat it.
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i'll never beat nevermore, but i am less then 200 frames away at least :-)
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Best Map Ever

I heart this soooooo much. 5
but a demo nonetheless...
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Not really fun.
I didnt vote


that is such a sick nasty demo!

I love this map

its 100% perfect (needless to say, 5/5)

Second try

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you probably recognise the tileset from the game. Except in the game Mare & Raigan Added gold so it would fit in nicely with the other levels in the episode.


Fastest demo.
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Seen a tile set just about identicle to this before though I don't recall where.


Accidentally made this the top map for a bit by adding the final rating :P I think someone rated this a 0 to take it down from the top maps.....


Continuing your perfect score. Very hard and fun. I'll get a completion demo up soon since this is one of the few maps I can play with no lag at all.


I was looking through the puzzles for a different map when this one caught my eye.I like the simple and open style,and by simple I do not mean easy.

heres my fastest

for now
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looks like you can't vote :(


I don't give these out very often... 5/5!
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Too tricky for me- I made it with one death, and skipping one section- sure is "puzzling"... lol.
This map deserves a rating- 5/5.


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There are 5 objects! The two locked doors towards the exit and their switches count too, that's 5 objects!


That's really hard! I only died once, otherwise I would have a demo for you. Great map, and I bet Tsukatu will love this!