The Sacreficeing room

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Author C_S
Tags author:c_s dda rated
Created 2006-01-15
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description After that N have been defeated by hes evil twin brother N2 (:-D) N wakes up in The Sacreficeing room made by N2. The person who is standing in that room, will be sacrefice to the evil Ninja gods (:-DD) IF N suddenly disappears, that means he have escaped the room. But if he fly in to a wall and dont move, that means he is trying to dig trough the wall (:-DDD) Ok, if that happens just restart the level. That will happen if he fly to fast. Dont complain about that the ninja die immediatly at the start of the level! This map is fun to watch when the body fly around and doing awesome tricks (:-DDDD)

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That's the lowest number of milliseconds per frame... WTF dude! Do you expect us to watch all that electric sh¡t for minutes? This isn't even a DDA... it's a DLA.. don't load anything from this map!


Are u playing N in a Macintosh or what?

A little slow

You could make the level smaller to get rid of some of the lag. Whats the point of all the bounce blocks in the bottom left corner? Fun to watch though.


I died almost instantly after i started the level BOO!!!

lagged alot