The Epic - Part XXXII - Red Moss Ravines

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Author great_sea
Tags author:great_sea bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-01-15
Last Modified 2006-01-15
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description As N continued on the path toward the city, he stepped over a small hill and noticed a sudden absence of enemies. "I wonder where they've all gone," N thought to himself.

"Why, they've gone to bed!" said MUV. "Not everybody can go so long without sleep, you know. Your fast metabolism keeps you awake at all ungodly hours, but those poor robot blokes won't lift a finger if they haven't gotten a good night's rest."

"Wow, I never knew robots had to sleep. I wonder if they have feelings too..."

Muv interrupted: "You wonder too much! We need to continue onward to that mysterious city I mentioned."

"Right, and why is that?"

"For an uncertain and ambiguous reason which I am being curiously secretive about."

N saw that there were several deep ravines he would have to traverse. Growing on the sunward face of each cliff was a strange red moss with golden buds. "Each ravine doesn't seem too dangerous on it's own, but it will be a challenge to scale all of them in one go," thought N. Little did he know that there was one robot who was not sleeping, but was watching; watching him and his friend with a cold unblinking gaze. Perhaps the lone robot was merely a wayward traveller looking for help.

Perhaps not.

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Bumped it back to a 4.5 for ya. Great map btw. I hope my epic map comes even close to this one.


I love the top right.
Are you suggesting i do a cave
(i'm next) Pretty nice level. 4.5/5


top-rated! Congratulations, excellent map.
You see, I've found that just saying "the ninja" is way too impersonal. Imagine how you would feel if someone only referred to you as "the person!" Also consider the word "Christian," which like N is both a name for a person and a system of beliefs. So I think I will stick with N, but thanks anyway. :P

Also, thanks for looking, and here is a demo of exactly 3333 frames. 0_o
Demo Data


great sea+epic=great 5/5 map=im doomed.
Demo Data
In the game, the ninja is not named 'N'. 'N' Is the way of the ninja. Btw, 4/5