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Tags author:marijnenandries playable race rated
Created 2006-01-16
by 65 people.
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Description Just found out how to make teleporters, was a bit messing with them, but the map turned out well (bit short though). Hope you like it. Should I use teleporters in my next Final Destination too???

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It was a good race.
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It was a good race.
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Demo Data

This is what i like

in race. First try, done!!!
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By the way

Can anyone tell me how these teleports work?

This is what i like

in race. First try, done!!!
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To make the drones stay in place, instead of putting locks around them, just put a drone on and edit the very last number in the code to a NaN


great level, keep up the teles theyre sick 5aved

this is awesome

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Thats Quite Cool...

4.5/5 - but how the hell do you make teleporters??? I know you edit the coding somehow... Please someone tell me!


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loved it

great use of teleporters in a race 5/5


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AGD...that was sweet
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Pretty fast

All Gold Demo
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Awesome level

It's enjoyable to play, and tile looks perfect for a race map, 5/5


real easy but damn its real fun... prolly the only race ive beaten on my first try, not that its a bad thing :P 5/5

Love it.

Easy enough for me to do it, and fun in general.
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All Gold

Here's my demo
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i messed up at the end a little

but all gold =P
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All Gold Demo..

Quite good, nice map
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i would give it a 3.5/5 it ended way too fast and was way too easy

i like

very fluid 4.5

heres my

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5/5 faved

Words cant convey how cool that was.


I did
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debug mode
awesome idea with the teleporting
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wat they say i liked it
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Great Fun...

This map has been one of my favourites so far, it was easy but it was fun aswell 4.0/5
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But I know it breaks the flow, and that they were unnescasary, but I justw wanted to see how it turned out


i'de agree with nevermore and 691175002. It does break flow.....and more importantly, depending on the way you hit it, it can kill you. See my Mario Bros. level. since its action, if you hit it wrong, you die. they arn't fit for much, to tell the truth.

Looks like a nice level, without the teleporters.
I dont like using them in race maps because they break the flow and sometimes you have to look around to see where you came out which can be really annoying. Nevermore is right (as he almost always is) that it would have been more fun if some of the teleporters werent there. The fun of race maps is in the running and looping and the teleporters take some of that away.


no offense, but i hate it when people give 5s because they think teleporters are offense.


The teleporters were unnecessary and gimmicky. I would have enjoyed this considerably more if there was just the teleporter at the bottom right corner. The first launchpad needn't be a teleporter - in some ways it's more fun to actually backtrack those two loops.
The bottom-middle launchpad also doesn't need to be a teleporter. Instead, why not just remove the tiles to the right of the launchpad?

I'll try

a Final Destination with teleporters if I have the time )little bussy lately :))


how do you make teleporters?
and good map btw... 5/5 and faved

good map.

Nice use of the old teleporters.
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I liked this a lot

Great map.