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Tags author:nightmare619 playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-01-16
by 15 people.
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Description Yay! haven't made a map in a while, but here it is. This took me a heckavu long time, and was really hard to make. however, i tried to make it as fun as possible. i'll be posting a demo (not completion) soon for those who are stuck. that doesn't mean im not looking for demos tho, cuz a ded is up for grabs. anyway, please rate, comment, and enjoy!

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I forget

to say, great, 5/5 + faved

I sucked at it

But it was still a great map. 4/5

another puzzle eh

pure excellence


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not completion, but for those who are stuck
Demo Data


quite clever. The drone paths and door placements were quite well thought through. Nice job!