So much PAIN 3- Squished

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Author stickfight
Tags author:stickfight dda unrated
Created 2006-01-18
Last Modified 2006-01-18
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Description This is the 3rd one- it has been a while. I think I may have found out something new --> a way to make mines predictable. I put a peice of gold over it, but the ninja seems to act odd after hitting it. Anyways... please watch and rate. And I would like comments.
NOTE: It isn't over until the ninja STOPS moving.
BTW:I did not edit the code at all.
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Oh, I see

Include in the description that it's a "Corpse DDA."

I really...

Don't understand this. The ninja just falls onto the ground and dies.


this sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work...

so now

you can watch it, BUT PRESS 1


I think it's better

wait a min.

let me see something- don't watch it yet