Warp Capsules

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Author mithril_silver
Tags author:mithril_silver dda rated
Created 2006-01-19
by 36 people.
Map Data

Description guess what? im back! with the help of my friend h311_y35, i made this DDA from the_V_dude\'s poptab tileset found here:

special things? NO GOLD BIOTCH! kinda short but tons of close calls! Press 1 before u play.
My favorite parts(parts that took me a long time)
1. first room the trap door propulsion on the lower right hand corner.
2. third room overall
3. getting out of the fourth room

thats about it remember again to press 1 before u start!

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Dude, that was awesome, he died and kept living!! whao!111!!one!

Very Nice.

I really enjoyed that map. Great 2 have you back. And doghouse, I am back too. Don't be harsh on such great maps

4.5/5 for shortness. (I understand why it was short)


j00r back!


Umm... N died while exiting the first room. He got thwumped. I tried over and over, but same result

Why press 1?

You'r good at making DDA's, but this one's hardly compared With the last showdown (among others). Still its a good DDA an I like cheating death but why did you told me to press key 1? It has worked for me 2 timed without doing that. 4/5


yeah right... 5/5

c'mon man

it's good but i've seen much better than this from you.Those mines in the second to last room were kinda useless and the instances of cheating death were just a little too predictable.4/5


i agree, those rooms were spectacular but other thsan that, ther were hardly any close calls except the cheating death, which in my books aren't counted as close calls. I also saw no close calls with the rockets and i think the zap drones are to basic to dodge. ive seen better no gold delay ddas b4 that were in the top 10 not including improbability drive.


lolz look at it in frame by frame... the two drones room and the first room... trust me i made it :D
a lot of close calls. i dont like ddas thats are below 1500 frames unless they are super spectacular.


the thing i dont get is it wasnt linear and i tried to make the level without gold... which i realized is really hard so i shortened up a bit... lastly i thought it was impressive because the number of close calls in such small cells.... but w/e i dont care about ratings

final word

sometimes i may act a little stupid like on your previous map "AND I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY....GOOD RIDANCE!!!!!!" but you''l no when im acting stupid coz im only joking ;)

oh yeah

if you really think i have a grudge on you or something like that, well im just a harsh rater, get use to it. I rarely rate maps higher than a four but at least i always comment even when rating low.

im being truthful

i hated it. its so overated.

to doghouse

thank you for the comment...


I hope your kidding, N eats like 4 rockets.


Fantastic work, 5/5


ugh!!! totally linear and hardly any close calls at all whatsoever.


i dont care if its short or not its still awsome
4.5/5 just because it was a bit short. Otherwise incredible

Says N (or the Ninja or fried or according to me stickdude)

Great map


the tileset is awesome!! Very creative plus its a DDA im impressed... 5/5 instantly mate awesome...

a bit short

too much cheating death, but close calls were out of this world. 4.5/5 great job man!


Guess whos back... back again... Silver's back...tell a friend! lol. anyway, another great map! YAY!!! BACK!!!


it was a bit short, but it was still great with all the cheating death so: 5/5
And it doesn't disappoint. 5/5