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I love this map! Great, 5


All gold. Great map. 5 and faved.
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To Atramentis: I was never a particular fan of yours, but I did really like this map and few of your other ones.



so cool! 5/5

i got all the gold
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Nice map

by the way.


listen to Andydody, he doesnt know what hes talking about.


As Atramentis explained in the description of the old map, this map is awesome because of all the possibilities. it can be a KRA challenge in so many different directions, or a fastest all gold route finding thing. If you had played the old map and read the old desciption, you would understand where Atramentis was coming form when he made this.


im tongue tied an speechless right now.
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dont like it. i think if anybody else posted this it would be gunned down instantly, but by the name of the author alone people seem to rate maps 2 cents.
This used to be one of the top rated races!
I put this up by request.
At least one other will like it (^_^)


this 1s so easy even i can do it! =)
But... no1 else will like it. =(