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Author capt_weasle
Tags author:capt_weasle bitesized n-art rated
Created 2006-01-23
by 46 people.
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Description And with that, he looked up and replied, “No soldier, this is your dream, not mine. You were meant for this, not me.” Take theses wings and fly. That’s what he was saying. At the last moments, before his beloved Captain left this world, he uttered the last words he could manage, “Take care.” And then he died. The soldier stood up, looking out to the horizon, the rising sun casting lazy shadows across the trees. Setting his best friend down, he held back the remorse that detained him so deeply. And then he walked away, knowing his task ahead.

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i like the description and the picture that it paints in your head.

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I prefer this to most N Arts these days. It doesn't need to look beautiful close up, I love simplicity and tone of this.


That description was beautiful. :( 4.5/5 faved.


not sure what your talking about...but ill check it out...

im probly just forgetting something...


Nemetacyst - my level entiteled "Meh" has been upgraded if you want to check it out....just thought id let you know.
~ bad grammer

very nice

thumbnail is excellent, up close...not so impressive...

it is very good, but a little too simple for my liking, and the clouds and sky, personally i think they could be better

dont get me wrong, it is good, but it looks kinda half-done to me


dude amazing and very good description


i am new tell me how to create a map plz!!!:) thx anyway

Very. Very.




now my favorite

you should teach the n-art jokes how to do this kind of real work!
nicely done!


Last rate before public rating!

This is the

most original N art Ive ever seen, and my new favorite. Brilliance.

Very good.

I love how some N artists are branching out by using more colors and varied themes. Intriguing description.


Is beautiful. The first n art I've faved, 5/5.