Must get gold!

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Author theshav
Tags action author:theshav playable rated
Created 2006-01-23
Last Modified 2006-01-23
by 10 people.
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Description A quite fun action map. Not hard for completion but all gold can be a bit tough. Fastest all gold completion gets a dedication!

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my first win.. thanks



Congrats Jpfuse

The contest is now over


ends tomorrow...
but you didn't think i was going down without a fight??

faster demo:
Demo Data
Nice demo jpfuse.

Unfortunately, I can't just sit idly by while someone takes my #1 spot ;)

New (faster) demo posted.
Demo Data

not complete, but a lot of close calls at the end
Demo Data

my kinda level

very cool. here's my all gold
Demo Data


Not bad, but really there's nothing that exciting/fun about this.

Try not to just place objects in symmetry, or repeat to fill space. It tends to end up very generic and dull.

Some of your tilesets are quite cool.
Demo Data

You tell em


Don't ever

Ever ever ever ever rate a map before you play it!
Don't ever.


Demo Data


i havent even played the level lol but i can tell wat its gonna be like. wat doghouse said, no originality n not much effort lol but looks ok so 3.5/5


Way faster than the others.

All gold demo

Dunno if it's faster than the other demos cos I haven't checked them out yet but here it is...
Demo Data

Thats fine

Silent demon, im not in the dedication contest. Im not gonna make myself a dedication.

i posted all gold

but i didn't do it fast enough
Demo Data


Since no one has posted an all gold demo... i might as well
Demo Data


so i remember to post more demos


You get an all gold demo. Could you please indicate it

2 gold off

getting there
Demo Data
Demo Data


just pointing out one main flaw thats all. off course i could rant and rave on about all the other flaws but you would probably find the description tedious and boring resulting in sleep while playing on computer.


my first go
Demo Data


you think i will give out a dedication for an easy level?
originality is not worth 1.5 marks out of 5. although there was far too much gold, it was fun to try and get it all, and not tedious. 4/5!
Demo Data


give up.
Demo Data


Demo Data

It was ok

it lack originality. 3.5/5
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