FE's simple challenge

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Author fatal_error
Tags action author:fatal_error playable rated
Created 2006-01-23
Last Modified 2009-11-07
by 13 people.
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Description Shoobeedoobeedoo, laddaddaddaa OSHIT


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It'd be nice if it was just a little more polished. At the moment it feels like a test map.
The start section doesn't need to be so long, as it is it's just a bit boring before you get to the interesting part of the map.
Anyway, makes for a nice, tense challenge.


COOL IDEA! I can't get the rocket through the doors though...


Great map

How to do this

1. You lead the rocket out
2. You hit the switch
3. You lead the rocket back inside behind you.

There. It's hard.,


how do you do it?
look at my maps plz

It's ok.

Thanks for a good rating! :)