A certain kind of romance

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized playable race rated
Created 2006-01-24
Last Modified 2006-01-24
by 29 people.
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Description Simple little sorta generic race, using only mines, gold, and tileset.

"And over there, there's broken bones,
There's only music so that there's new ringtones."
-Arctic Monkeys

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great map
Demo Data

I love

the Arctic Monkeys. It seems that no one else knows who they are.


Very fun.


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as i royally screw up the ending ^^
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Even better

Beat this!
Demo Data

Even better

Beat this!
Demo Data


Impossible to beat i guess
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really good

fun map, you should make more maps like this...element13


Beat you again:P
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Better one

heres an even better demo
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After seeing one of the other demos, i tried really hard and came up with this demo
damn gold...
i will submit an all gold demo soon...
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np Krusch

But it's a bit weird if you don't know MARIJNENANDRIES (at least, if you mainly play race maps, like I do). Tnx Freik, here's a better one:P
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Look no further than here.

holy shit dude

great demo oh and maps good too lol
But I'm seriously annoyed..

What the HELL?

"most original map ever (except for MARIJNENANDRIES' maps of course)."


Do you even know hat you're talking about?!


This map is really, really frustrating!!! It's not that hard, but you ALWAYS make a mistake somewere. The map itself isn't that fun, but the frustration!!! Great. I really wanted to post an all gold demo, so I got a bit addicted. At first I thought "Weird title!", but now I understand. 5/5 and faved, most original map ever (except for MARIJNENANDRIES' maps of course).
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and i like it.
4/5, good work