The National Anthem

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Author Sweep
Tags action author:sweep bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-01-25
Last Modified 2006-01-25
by 15 people.
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Description Similar to the original National Anthem survival map I made... the main difference being that this is an action map. Thanks to astheoceansblue for suggesting I changed it to from survival to action.

I'd love to see some all-gold demos.

/edit: renamed to The National Anthem because I've abandoned the original survival map of the same name on the basis that making it foolproof is a nightmare.

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'tis not all gold

because i am not good at N
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something funny

i saw this map like a day before you submitted it. I love it. 5/5

Everyone around here
Everyone is so near
What's going on?
What's going on?


slow all-gold route
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slow all-gold route
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Here's my all gold demo, done with a Nintendo DS (I have a homebrew program on it that allows me to control selected keyboard keyes with it through the wireless connection).

Anyway, love the map. Fantastic use of the door glitch.
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Cool concept

Fun map.


i still havent watched anyone else's demo's yet. this run is my own. and its faster lol. love this level :D
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Well, not quite.

If you made that last part a jump instead of stepping on each platform, you could get faster.

I was going to go for it, but I got scared of the rocket.

Like so.

Shaved off a few frames.
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If you could reverse the jump I make at the beginning where I grab the three pieces of gold in one, and repeat it on the other side as you make your way back down to the exit, I think that would end up faster


You got all-gold!

I wonder if there's a faster route...


Brilliant. One of my favorite levels ever.

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here's a completion demo.
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For anyone who is stuck...
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