The keyword is timing.

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Author fatal_error
Tags author:fatal_error playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-01-26
Last Modified 2009-03-27
by 8 people.
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Description Screw the timing

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FE's simple challenge


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The start of this is almost trival, as you can pretty much just go as fast as you want.
The middle part actually gets quite interesting, and makes it puzzly enough to change the feel of the map.
The end section, where you can fly around the circles, and fall onto the exit, is *brilliant* design.
It feels *great* doing a cool zoom through the map after a difficult, slow section.
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Kai_Robert posted the demo before you. Sorry :P
Sure, I'll make you a ded, when I feel like it ^_^


do i get a ded?
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The keyword is running through it like a fool.
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