Checkered Past

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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized episodic high-flying mines playable rated square
Created 2006-01-26
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 70 people.
Map Data

Description Level 07-3. Mine-based. This one's pretty easy, but it's tough to take big shortcuts. Go for all-gold for more of a challenge.

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just a shade under 300 frames.
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to claim some honer. Fastest demo yet.
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I was entertained

not as good as i thought it would be, but you definitly perfectly represented this ceiling map that you were going for.


FINALLY. An All Gold Demo. Thank God. Took long enough.
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Almost all gold.
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Nice map.

Did I manage no gold?
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Sweet Jesus

I made the jump and got all the gold ^_^ yet it was still a good challenge, nice job.


Completion nice level. Simple 'n' good..
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Should I post this? Why aren't there any delete function on the posts?
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I was doing so good, so I thought I'd go for all gold...
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First try!

Teehee... I didn't feel like all-gold... those three looked scariest.
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yeah i though i would try to cheat it lol but i was quite supprised it is possible and not actually that difficuly to do. still an awesome level though. ^_^


I can't believe you managed that jump! My design is ruined!! ;)

{nice all-gold, btw)

Quite possibly

one of the greatest action maps ever made. No joke, this is absolutely incredible.


heres an all gold. i love this map soo much. best map of the year so far. :D
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i do feel bad doing this on such an awesome map but \/
this is such a good level. maps like this are the reason why i bother coming on NUMA :D
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Nice map

Remineded me of "Squareburst", one of your earlier maps. This one is better!


When I say "I" I mean "in"

Except then.


..I this map is placed with absolute care and precision.
And why am I not surprised?
Great map.


sweet map.
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...should've jumped... great map. faved.
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Another greatly appriciated map. The mines are placed to perfection, also all gold is a nice challenge. Thank you.

very cool

i haven't gotten all gold yet but ill post a demo if i do. innovative tileset, and i like ceiling maps in general. The drones and mines were well placed and added to the challenge. good map 4/5

Most-gold demo

In case you can't get some of the more difficult gold.
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