New style dragon

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Author Dragon_Moon
Tags author:dragon_moon n-art rated
Created 2006-01-28
by 48 people.
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Description Heres my new dragon. Id tryed to take a new style. dont be shocked: i can draw better dragons (think youd seen it) but this was a time record: 16 mins. hope ya like it.

And... my colored dragon must wait a little bit, because i need more training.

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too bad it's only the head. 4.5


Nice one. Looks more like a caterpillar to me for some reason.

No Wait

Ive changed my mind. 4
would have been 4.5/5, but its just too common.

16 minutes?

crazy man... just crazy 5/5 i like the view on this dragon


Boosting your rating too ;)

With Necro; It's not your best, but very original. IMHO, stick with the 2D elements, unless you can make something crazy

But great job in taking my advice with the golden pupil! Looks awesome :)


then it would have been enough to edit the map. i thought you resubmitted because i rated it 3.5/5.

What do u mean tl?

Yes, i resubmittet it, after 30 s. The txt was wrong in formulation.


did you resubmit after my rating?

It's good,

but not you best...