Proper Filtration Technique

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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized episodic playable rated sendy squeeze
Created 2006-01-30
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 44 people.
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Description Level 07-2. Based on Sendy's "The Filter". It's a little messy, but give it a whirl. Try all-gold, too.

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nice map, very funny.

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cool map

nice idea. 4

Speed Demo

ice cool
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Sub-2000 allgold

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Great tileset

I'd like to see it submitted alone to numa and my competition (see my PM ss)

All right!

I got all gold. I fived and faved this map a few days ago by the way. Great map.
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The score doesn't tell you anything other than the opinion of those who bothered to vote. And as that changes from map to map and is almost random, it's meaningless to the author and only really benefits those using the search feature, as inevitably some good maps do get good ratings, and hence, publicity. Well that's my opinion anyway :)


I did vote, thus the explanation. :)


clovic, you should vote if you haven't, your entitled to your opinion, a 4/5 is still a very good rating, no one holds that against you. Btw I gave it a 4.5/5 a while ago but didn't comment, I really liked it, interesting also.


I thought about not voting on this map because I don't believe it is a 5, yet it has 18 votes and is, at least as of now, a 5. Now the thing is, I would rather people vote no matter what on my maps, it's best to have input and to know what people really think of your maps. Anyway, point is, I think it's about 4/5. To me it is not very fun, the only challenge it present is the gause towards the top when getting the trigger, and there's no uniqueness about it. This isn't a grudge vote either, I genuinely love some of your other maps. Anyway, when a map has such a fantastic rating I feel you should explain when giving it otherwise.


I enjoyed playing it, it's always cool to see different implimentations of an idea.


I don't usually like the "Tight Squeeze" in maps but I really like this one 5/5


Very Enjoyable. 5/5


Getting the gold is slightly tricky (but kind of obvious), so if you want to try yourself first, don't watch this demo right away.
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i tried

and failed
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Really cool

The tight squeeze trick was introduced well here. Great job.


I love the Sendy map that inspired this.
It's awesome.
This is pretty darn nice as well.
maybe it's the feeling you get when you successfully squeeze through or the contrast of open/closed spaces. I don't exactly know why I love this map, but I most definitely do.

Cool map

Great to see you back.


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