Another Hero

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Author wedgie123
Tags author:wedgie123 bitesized n-art rated
Created 2006-01-31
Last Modified 2006-01-31
by 75 people.
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Description Here's someone that some of you here just on NUMA might not know. this hasnt turned out as well as i hoped but meh. this is also the first time ive used gauss' to shade. :D

EDIT: here is the link to a screenshot of it during the making, its shows the difference in looks compared to this.

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he reminds of the guy from 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'. But that's pretty good anyway. 4.5


Looks like Harry Potter


Looks like Harry Potter


One of the few N Arts that looks as good in full-view as it does in the thumbnail! Nice!!

Teh Suki!

Nice! Better than the other, but only because you didn't only use mines. 5aved.


just wow.


5 lol. arghhh



looks better if you squint your eyes when looking at it full screen, i think...

really great

it's one of the best N-arts I've seen!

i actually

saw suki in that


the subject likes my work. better than any rating could compare to. im happy knowing that he likes it lol. although staring at a pic of suki for about 4 hours cant be healthy. >_<




link screwed up...
I mean this one:
Yeah, that's totally me.
Thanks, wedgie. This totally kicks ass.

Though I would've appreciated a pic in which I didn't look so wierd, like...
...I can't say I'm not blown away by your work. It's absolutely incredible (and not just because it's me, though we all know that's reason enough).


nice one. I'll let Suki know.


The part about the mines. I took them out myself and it looks naff.


I don't like the mines on the lips, I thnk it would have worked much better without, blended in more, and the colour makes him look ill. considering what you're working with though, it's pretty great.

The hair is the best part.

Watching it draw itself in NED is really satisfying.


its really hard to do this and get the shading to look right just using gausses lol.

dragon moons dragons are awesome but im different in style. as his are mythical creatures whereas i am trying to get the best likeness to the subject. in this case suki lol. although yeah its not great. :/
But this hero is, of course, 5\5


amazing again! 5/5 really really really great!


5/5 njas


although the comparison of the two may not look that good. that picture is still woth being seen.


well black vs blonde hair for a start. :D


I just got it. Its funny especially when you look here:

Tis Suki!

For a minute, I thought it was Wedgie himself, but than I realized that it wasn't. Major differences at a second glance.

Still a 5 though.....

it looked like Suki

dont feel like rating, maybe later


yeah you may appreciate the likeness and subject more if you knew who it was. NIGHTMARE knows lol. its not brilliant but still worth a map lol.
dogdog234: im not an artist by profession but i have studied art for most of my school life lol.




suki! teh awesum!


you are so talented with art... are u thinking of becoming an artist?


the load wasnt that bad...took me just under 2 was about 1:52...thats not too bad....

i suggest if anybodies running anything less than an AMD 64 3000+ to not try to load it....unless you really really want to...cuz it doesnt make too much difference in its looks...just enlarge the thumbnail...its close enough
good job...not perfect, but still excellent...

but hes ugly... i say it should be in top 15 or 20 arts...and that may be a little harsh, i dont know, i guess we will see...


i didnt want to add a background because of fear of 'losing' the face in it. it would also kill me with the loading time. this took me about 3-4 hours ish lol. i wasnt going to submit it at first because it didnt look as good on here as it did at first lol. another thing i wasnt expecting is that the ninja is stood legs together here, whereas in edit mode he stands in a running stance, therefore changing the look of the hair lol. the layer ordering has also screwed up here. oh well.


sorry for commenting so much, hmm maybe you can put something in backround... Um it might turn out bad nvm dont ruin it

I like it

better close up.. lol he's not that ugly... Is this from a book?? Nice artwork dude, again nice artwork... err he's freaking me out now