Spring City

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Author TheAdster
Tags author:theadster dda rated
Created 2006-01-31
Last Modified 2009-11-16
by 12 people.
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Description *RELISTED* Just for the hilarity of it.


Welcome To Spring City, TheAdster's First Posted Map, And First DDA. We Hope You Enjoy Your Visit.

Before You Enter This Fascinating Place, We Must Warn You Of The Terroist Threats We Have Been Having From A Rocket Launcher Hidden Somewhere In The Middle Of This Normally Peaceful Place. But Do Not Fear. Until We Find This Rocket Launcher, Our Tried And Tested Spring Safety System Will Protect You From Rocket Fire (But Not Nausea & The Wrong Side Of Thwumps) And Take You To The Nearest Possible Safety Shelter (But Probably Not In The Quickest Possible Time).

We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay At Spring City. Have A Nice Day!


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3/5 for 1st DDA

Is too lagy start - too many objects, U can optimize it ...

I dont like launch pads stily like this...

But for first is good !

P.S. Try with many close calls :)

it's... interesting

launchpad & mine heavy... you already know that. but it's not bad for a first, more close calls would make it good
(ps. this isn't to offend you or anything, Adster, but why do you use a capital letter in front of every word?)


I thought it was cool, DDA's are so fun to watch! Great for your first!


a little heavy on mines and launchpads, but an exelent map for a first and a DDA...

=0 +) -) +-) #) $) %) @) !) ~) ") C) >) <) ?) S]

Ignore the smily faces, I got bored...


All Comments Are Appreciated, And I've Alredy Started To Work With Prepulsion Through Trap Doors & Thwumps More, But I'll Bear The Mine Thing In Mind. I Was Just Trying To Fill Up The Excess Space, But You Are Completely Right.


i think you might've over done it with the mines. Also to tell you the truth mines dont do much on a DDA, because the chances of N dying by one are very slim. so the mines are useless on a DDA.

The map was kinda boring to tell you the truth. this is good for your first, but next time try to use other type of propulsion and more enemies. Also try not to use mines on DDAs they are really pointless and try to add more close calls. hope this helps. 3/5