Waveform Bebop

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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-01
Last Modified 2006-02-01
by 32 people.
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Description I think this is pretty good, but I can't quite playtest it on this computer. Way too jerky. So, any tweaking advice would be appreciated.

Edit: 1 guass is in a better position now.

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lovely AGD

for my collection of lovelys AGD'S (?) jaja


PS: im damn good
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I was wondering when you were going to see that.



That made me laugh. A lot. <3

You totalled my level though, dude.

Check out my demo!
And it's a pretty slow AGD.
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Fun map.
Demo Data


Especially on Sendy's maps. Sendy's too cool for adverising

well...if you know what i mean...


And please, someone please try to solve my puzzle:

and i died

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Demo Data
Intense but not nail-bitngly difficult.

It's a death demo, deal with it.
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Thanks guys! This is map #2 on NUMA for now... . . ... .. ... W00T


Lurvley Level.

5'd and Fav'd.

Yup. It's great.

me likes...


Really nice one. Some of the thwumps I felt weren't really needed, but overall, a superb map.

5/5 and favorited

This is good enough for bite-size numa, and is the first in a while that I think deserves it.

The zapdrone annoys me though...