Fire Sky 2

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Author Atramentis
Tags author:atramentis playable rated survival
Created 2006-02-03
by 15 people.
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Grab the side of the bounceblock.
How do you survive the fall?
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another demo

**sigh** i may aswell just keep on postin demos.. noone else is lol but meh heres a nice one
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not as good as i can get it but theres an awsome dodge on the left wall i like... btw love this map soo much...i used to play it for hours be4 u left
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i remember

this being the top rated survival map for a while. lets put it back where it belongs :)

so far..

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Loved this map. this is as far as I got. 5ed and faved.
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Typo :P

remeber = remember >:D

Anyway, interesting map. Don't know what to rate it...
For those of you who don't, this is the closest thing there is to an RPG on NUMA. You can open the bunkers then make the bunkers more effective by getting various switches and eventually you will make it to the super-shelter up the top in the middle.
If you get all gold, I will make you a dedication, I give dedications exremely rarely, so this is big.