Fire Sky 3

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Author Atramentis
Tags author:atramentis bitesized featured playable rated survival
Created 2006-02-04
Last Modified 2006-02-04
by 62 people.
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Description That's right, Fire Sky is back in a thrid, improved version, now with plenty more than can be done and unlocked. Here's how it works:
The bunkers are pretty similar to the last one, now it is easier to improve them quicker with the inbetween section switches closer to the start. The lasers are a little easier but not much, it is a little more balanced and there are plenty more steps to get little improvements and the exits are "High Flyer Certificates". There are two that can be obtained from a super launch out of the side-tubes.

Overall I am very happy with how this turned out. Post demos and the like.


This map was featured on 2008-08-29

Fire Sky 3 is one of the best survival maps ever made. Do you know how hard it is to make a survival map using the entire map? The effing entire map. Yikes. And Atramentis does it wonderfully.

Like a transformer reincarnated as an N map this guy goes though immense change as you play. It's a blast.

It's also incredibly addictive and amazingly complex. This cataclysmic survival is still as fresh as it was in '06. — Evil_Bob

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I have to hand it to that one guy. The one who made the map.
a bit messed up.


just now got the "transformer reincarnated into an n map" thing ;)
Agree with rocket_thumped.
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If it's so easy why not all gold demo it?

Heads and walls

never did make the best of friends 6_6


Squatting in the dugouts or the tubes is not gameplay, it's not fun, and it's not neccesary because the maps is so easy. A map maker should not address those who will cheat the system but those who enjoy it. Catering to noobs is not an effective guide for design. A player should not be deterred from pointless action by the map maker's provisions but by the those action's futility.
Kind of obvious.

this is

the only survival map in my userlevels. i love this map. good feature. 5/5
This isn't much of an exception.

50th Rate

I give it a 4


The chainguns are there to stop you squatting in the dugouts permanently. Kind of obvious.

The rockets are there to stop you sitting in the side tubes. Kind of obvious, too.
It's not a survival map, it's a slow, easy, disgustingly cheatable action map with no end. This is worth a ninja and a half, maybe two, as far as I'm concerned.

The chainguns don't do anything, the rockets are positioned badly and usually don't even fire, there's no reason to block of the lasers because they are barely effective and even when you do there are still holes for them to fire through, so what's the point? I didn't even notive the turrets till I'd beaten it.

I was playing in v1.2 and at first I forgot to cut out the user level data. It was much better that way. Autogenerated maps are better than this. Spam maps are better than this.

I suppose I shouldn't rate it because I'm obviously so backwards thinking.

How about reading

The manuals that come with the game.




can some1 tell me how to make a map

Very nice survival.

Great use of space.
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I'd forgotten about this one. 5/5.
Without a doubt the greatest survival map of all time.
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I didn't know I was supposed to get all the gold, I just killed myself after I got all the switches, oh well, here it is. This is my first time to put demo, so I hope I don't mess up.
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You don't complete it. You try to get all the gold and all the switches and stay alive as long as you can.

Er... How do you complete it?


*steps foot on it and clinches 10000*

Oh, and I think this is the best survival map on NUMA.
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This map is our territory if anyone steps foot on it we will blow there friggin head off with mega demos, now then


Shake it.

I'm willing to call this a total truce. We both rock, we've both got dedis from this map... And I don't want you beating my demo. :-P

Go us, we're so uber.
before I make any more dedis for this, otherwie I'll be making them non-stop for a while and they'll start to loose their meaning.

I don't think it will be long before one of you has a demo that you stop because you loose your mind rather than your life. One everything is unlocked you have to be very unlucky to die.
I wish i could get a dedication for it, but I doubt it.

*brainstorms about manipulation*

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I guess we can call this i tie so far my demo is more frames but is missing one gold piece, yes everything is unlocked and it is roughly 9300 frames, this has been one hell of a constest and i will clicnh 10000.
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but is that first bounceblock jump a triple???
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You'll have to wait if you want another dedi.
Amazing. I guess this has been pretty much clocked. You could have continued forever.


I'm so, so sorry...

Everything unlocked, all gold... (Getting the last two pieces was my fall, which I did because I was getting somewhat bored.)

So, yeah. Consider yourself topped, and- please- feel free to top me again. I've had just about enough of this level for quite some time, so chances are, you won't get beaten if you can beat this score.
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The jump key jammed while up the top...

Still. Everything but 1 thing unlocked, all gold but 2 or 3.
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Try harder?

Well heres effort!
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