Unlock (Dedicated to kamikaze3000)

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Author Notae
Tags author:notae playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-02-04
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Congratulations and a round of applause to kamikaze3000, to which this level is dedicated, for correctly identifying the six gates in order on (Not so Logical Now, are we?)

This level consists of 4 "tumblers", the lock, and the goal. The object is to press only 1 switch from each of the tumblers then press the switch leading to the lock. If you pressed the correct 4 switches, the lock will be free, but if you missed one, it will be blocked by a zap drone. You are more than welcome to press multiple switches to find the correct 4, but to complete the level, you must do it by pressing only 1 from each tumbler.

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going into edit mode and finding the exact 4 switches is the only way to win this.

there are 20^4 = 160000 possible combinations.


keep it up
If you keep this up, ill fave yo as an author!

And greenpencil

Try rereading the description.


Hitting only 1 switch in each column.
Demo Data

Aww man!

I won but hit 2 switches once in row number 1.
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