Cogs of the Machine

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Author Hostile_Truck
Tags author:hostile_truck dda rated
Created 2006-02-04
by 14 people.
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Description First map. I spent about a week on this when I was supposed to be studying for midterms. It was originated from an infinite loop I stumbled into when trying to make some fast propulsion systems. I might end up posting the original as a test map.

The way the thwumps worked kind of reminded me of heavy-construction factories, hence the name. I know it uses a lot of gold delay and it probably needs more enemies, but I couldn't coordinate the drones without getting super frustrated or just completely ruining the whole DDA. However, there are quite a few nice narrow escapes from the few rockets and thwumps I managed to fit in. It won't work in the User Levels because of the repeated victory (winning slows down N a little bit, which I needed once or twice, so I decided to just make him win about ten times over). I probably could have extended it if I'd wanted but I got kind of tired of continuing it on and on, and figured that eventually it would run out of space and just get repetetive. Besides, I would need gold delay to keep later things from interfering earlier in the DDA and that would really slow up the load time.

Well, two minutes of flying fun. Enjoy!


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A lot of time

and a realization that figuring out how to make DDAs was more fun than just watching them, and that gold delay saves your ass.


First off, I should start reading the descriptions more often. Second, I feel stupid. Third, THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best DDA I've EVER played!!!! How did you do it!?!?! I can see this going straight to the top rated levels. 5/5, UNBELEIVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and then fourteen more times. It doesn't work in USer Levels. Read the comments. Also, look at how many exits there are in the map.


It doesn't work for me! The first jump sends me straight to the exit! I'm not gonna rate it.






That was THE best DDA i have ever seen ever.