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Author wellsj
Tags action author:wellsj bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-05
Last Modified 2006-02-11
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description <<Map 3 in the Wellsj Simplicity Series>>

really challenging. one of the most creative rocket maps out there as well. tell me wut ya think!

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Scratch that. This is even faster!
Demo Data

Faster all gold.
Demo Data

I really liked it.


all gold

Demo Data

all gold

Demo Data


This map is just mind blowingly great, deserving of the top spot unlike the maps that are there right now.

i did it

yes ladies and gentlemen. i all golded it. this way is very easy to all gold. never thought of it.
Demo Data

nice demo, euphoria

i'm used to trying the gold from the top. that works too. its very hard!

This is great!

Here is a demo showing how I might have all-golded.
Demo Data

a fairly long demo

completion. not all gold. ill leave the gold in the centre up to you guys ;). its hard.
Demo Data


Nice one. Pretty tricky map!