3D Yin-Yang

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Author Dragon_Moon
Tags author:dragon_moon bitesized n-art rated
Created 2006-02-07
Last Modified 2006-06-02
by 114 people.
Map Data

Description Heres my new map. a ying-yang this time. tryed to make it a little bit 3D. I hered from Nam now. for ur info: all my maps are drawed by hand. hope u like it :)

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check it out. But yours looks amazing! 5/5
PS: I found out about yours from someone who commented mine, so i really didnt knowingly steal your idea.

100th vote

Yay 100th vote

That's pretty good,

I always thought about making a Yin-Yang tileset or something. Never got round to it though. 4.5


^ read. 5/5


winjet... 5/5 and faved.


5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!


something that's finally ASIAN! 5/5 + faved


your N_arts are seriously amazaing!


everybody is happy about the name ;)::::>



dont kill me but...

i dont really like the symbol... wonderful art though... so ill refrain from rating because i'd probably be unfair
but its really called the yin-yang, and it was a system used in the religion called douism. the outside represents your path of life.
white=yin =good
as you have more evil come into your life, the naural flow of things will level this out and send more good to you, untill you have too much, and then evil comes again to level it out, etc

I like the meaning behind it, and I love your art. 5/5


you are really good at n-art!
nice and clean. 5/5

That's a nice piece

Fav'd and liked very much :)

My point was...

that's a 3.5/5 is unfair to give just because of a lazy signature.

Immensly immense!

Wow. 5/5 + faved.


well, yea it is...but honestly...its just a pattern...
i think the rating is partially based on your history of excewllent arts...

if this is rated so high, why isnt freik's skull in the top ten???

whatever, good job...


The thumbnail looks impressive but if you click that and see the fullsize image, it really looks like a piece of crap that somebody took waaaaaaay too much time on. I have to agree with @sweep, it is true that does seem to be done lazily, but I'm sure I could not do anything better. 4.2/5

@ sweep

Unfair? If such time is spent on the main image, then why not the same effort for the signature?

That seems a little lazy, and careless to me.

really good!

I mean it's one of your best N-arts.
It's a good Idea to make it 3D. I tried to make my pentacle a little 3D too.

really good!

I mean it's one of your best N-arts.
It's a good Idea to make it 3D. I tried to make my pentacle a little 3D too.


I love the 3Dness.


that's a little unfair, and you know it.


Its good :)


the z snap gold sucks.


A stupendous drawing!


thats good


You always do the best N Art, it's incredible!!


GREAT N-ART i see u also enjoyed my n art on the evil gurpin one =D