Sandstone (Hopewell)

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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized featured jumper mines playable rated
Created 2006-02-08
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 88 people.
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Description Mine based and jumperesque. Pretty straightforward. All-gold adds a little more danger.

This map was featured on 2008-07-20

Usually, this is the point where I would expound my views trying to vindicate my reasons for featuring this map. And in most cases I would go on to highlight the well thought out concept, practically omnipresent rocket, faultless mine placement and general all round wickedness.

But I won't, because you may as well just play this and get the waiting over. It's like, crazy! — mintnut

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@ wedgie

perfected, that could be an unbeatable speedrun
And I never have. I found it to be hard in an annoying way and too long. Also, it's genre is a mix: action/jumper/mine jumper. But when you mix genres, you're supposed to tone each genre down a bit so that it all fits well together. It's not fun to be playing an action map and then suddenly have a tough jumper-style obstacle in front of you. Non-action obstacles rarely work in an action map unless they're action-ified. Such is my opinion, anyway.
...when you said you'd go down my favourites and start featuring them?


I like how flowy this map is
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First try AGD

i might go for a speedy one
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I hear mintnut can rival anyone on his day. I sure wish I was as good as him!
are the best N action map makers on the planet..

Agreed with epigone

Flawless <3

Intense : )

Wow I forgot about this map!

I played it 2.5 years ago...
Just Sensational!!
Here's my first all gold demo
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yes yes yes yes

my favorite map of all time. An inspiration and testament to the capabilities of NED. Keep this featured for a week.

I am yet to see

a map maker who can make playable tilesets as good as the ones this guy makes. Sheer genius..

I think

that this was the map that introduced me to this concept (No idea if or when it was done before). Either way it's brilliantly constructed. Great feature. I have used this concept countless times after seeing this =D.


So good.


greatly executed. perfect challenging gameplay. 5/5


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Demo Data

Great !!!

I love it


Well done!! Action map of the year!


i'll improve it later. :D
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slow agd

A few quick & interesting techniques near the beginning, and I did the rest slowly because I hadn't all-golded this gem yet.

I might try for a quick demo later.
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teh cheat! I love cheating your maps. ^_^

By the way, i didn't use fbf.
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that was the worst end death ever - sry no demo =( i got all of the buttons heading toward the exit - and that last little rocket thingy (for lack of a better word) shot a missle and killed me when i was like one centimeter away from it - i was actually on top of the exit and it swoops around and blows my bits and pieces into that little pit =| in other words - that sucked - but great map!


Incredible. One of my most favorite maps on Numa.

i love you

I had a dream about this map once.

5 and fav.

Pretty much perfection.


Are your maps seeing anyone. I'm lookin' to make a love connection and I simply can't get your maps out of my head.


Sheer brilliance. I love it. I can even beat it! Which just adds to the goodness.


I agree with Korbachev. This isn't one of my favorites, but needless to say it's still fantastic.

You know...

The best part about NUMA these days is that DDAs are kinda growing old, and aren't dominating the top rated maps.

And top rated maps are where they should be, like this one.

Same here

very fun heh, keep the good work stepself!

You Got My Vote!

5/5 This definitely deserves to be on top! Deceptively challening.

amazing map

rocket was anoying imho...


5 ninjas with 14 votes.
Mine kicked it up :)

I thought it was a jumper at first, but it's more actionesque which was a pleasant suprise.


Awesome Idea and very well put together.

All gold. Love map.
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Jumped too soon

This is a really fun map, I like it. Faved.
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