Love Will Tear Us Apart

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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-09
by 8 people.
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Description Love will tear us apart... Or is that mines? I'm always getting the two mixed up...

The first of two levels devoted to littleviking001, who is one of my N heroes. Built for fun and the gold is positioned more thoughtfully than it looks (a little). Rather than copy LV's style I simply had his maps in mind (and how fun they are) when I wrote these. Consider it an attempt at a hybrid style though it's probably just more standard Sendy fare.

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that took ages

awesome though. 5/faved
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im so good. come on. give me a crown or something.

my demo is the fastes by SO far..


PS: ianb is my son for those who didn't know it.
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Like Joy Division quite a bit.

...and a speed run.

I definitely don't have time for all-gold. I should be doing work even now...
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my best so far...

and, alas, I have no time for much more. I'll try to come back and play some more, though...

View the demo for some uber rocket dodgage.
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You haven't relied on rockets and the like to make it exciting, it's just really well built, and that's why it's so fun.

Looks fun

I'll play it when I get home.
Joy Division rule.


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