No Rest for the Wicked

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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-09
Last Modified 2006-02-09
by 27 people.
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Description Quite tough. It's not difficult but some parts seem to require practice and a bit of fine-tuning. My second semi-unofficial tribute to littleviking. I have only been able to complete the individual parts so far, but I really enjoy it anyway.

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fastest AAGGDD

naturally, faster than ianb's.

niice one. i love these levels because they are for dedicated people only.


PS: oh, and hey ianb... 106.950. beat that.
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@The Bigger Half



want some realy cool maps come look at and rate my maps just click on the link on the right


Excellent map, but many are better, and this one doesn't quite deserve #1. 4.5/5


Where did you get the title for the map because, I have seen it before...

Anyway, great map...


That is one of the most audacious demos I've ever seen. lol!

Thanks a lot!



It's a pretty neat run until the last segment, which I went slowly on to be carefull.
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Jeeze that is hard.

Especialy on this computer (I have acouple but this one sucks). Anyway very cool map.

Wow, again :)

I didn't expect to see anyone bag it so soon. Thanks again iangb for the N-tertainment (OH GO! I USED A N-GAME JOKE!! LOL)
and beat maps. Awesome map, as usual. 5/5.

I'll let my masochism build up again before even _thinking_ about all-golding it, though...
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Although I think prefered the first... but still, great work.


This is one for iangb and the like... I might make a toned down version for the rest of us.


But oh so difficult.
The minefields are well done.