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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-02-10
by 58 people.
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Description I noticed the existence of a one enemy contest. Here's my shot. It's nicely open, plenty of options...

This map was featured on 2010-02-22

Haphazard tile and object placement define Sendy’s maps. Examine her archive and you’ll discover her sadistic mapping mindset – everything is designed to aid your destruction. Here, with the limit of putting only one enemy, Sendy has chosen to put a rocket in the middle. Play it, and soon comes this realisation: the rocket is not the lone enemy. The tiles trip ninja feet and invites rockets, the bounce blocks put the gold out of reach; gravity threatens to put you back into place. A carnival of tiles and objects has now been expertly turned into death clockwork. Enter Sendy. — seven_two

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thats a good feature

I still like this. This is still good fun.
This is still a 4. Nice feature.


SeNdY is also sadistic in bed.

an agd for my girl

man.. this brings back some memories :)
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ya manm FUCK snipres always givin my shit 0z hate that shit man

Also: I love you, Alexendra.


...but also kinda hard. I suck though

Color me shocked.

Shocked that this is only being featured now. Your choices are as excellent as your maps, seven_two. Hang around IRC more.

Faster run.
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Very fun gameplay, although the tileset seemed haphazardous. 4
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This map's been praised by pretty much everyone who's anyone. And it's cool.

Good review as well, 7_2.



Why I do declare!

A comment!


I'm commenting on this map


i bet sendy will comment on this soon...


the longest review i´ve ever seen..

Alternate review:

One look at Edgeplay and one thinks: an overabundance of options make this map have no theme. That’s something that defines Sendy’s maps – thematically, the tiles tend to be haphazard, and the only thing linking them together is the seemingly randomly-placed objects that come together to create torture machines - torture machines that churn out the torn body parts of masochistic ninjas. Here, with the existence of the One-Enemy Contest, Sendy is limited to one enemy. But play the level. The tiles make rocket evasion tough. They make ninja feet slip. They let the rocket in on your ass. The gold becomes cheese in a mousetrap. The bounce blocks in the middle puts them tantalisingly out of your reach. Even the chutes that contain extra gold and that exit switch are wide open for the rocket to enter. Everything seems designed to kill you. This is all part of the plan. Sendy knows the chemistry between ninja, object, enemy and tile. She knows the chemistry between the map and the player. She knows how to use it against you. Amazingly, she has applied this same chemistry to about 400 of her submitted maps. And of course, you’ll be back wanting more.

woo! so fun

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okei.. ive seen the demos that "really mattered". this means, the all-gold-ones. the other ones are crap. i wont waste my time in a non-all-gold-demo.

anyway, ive seen the AGD and i thought like.. WOW.
thats what I call a laim demo. sorry.. had to tell you.


PS: by the way, nice level.
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Amazing GP.
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I like this. Its good fun.
Great map. It's in my favorites.

Fantastic map, as I expected. Fived. Faved.

Speed run:
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Sorry for that outburst, it just gets to me.

I've made a version of this for the MiniMap Contest. If you'd like to see it follow this lovely link:
Some people are stupid and talentless.
People like you make them feel bad, so they lash out.
This is a brilliant map, whoever zero'd was just reflecting.

... even though it's full of mistakes (like dropping through that block). Oh well.

As for the zeroing... just take it as a compliment! A really backhanded and evil compliment.
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This and Microcosm got 0'd by some jealous freak. You know you're onto something good when that happens ;)

All gold.

Now THIS is fun! Go go rocket power!
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Ooh yes.

You are my N hero.

Very fun.

Man. My cances of winning this contest get slimer every day!


I was soooo close to an all-gold run... More inspired rocket-dodging.
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Damn it.

You say run, I say beating.
This is just amazing!
The hexagon part on the right is Le Sex.
*Repeat what stepself said here*

Quite nice...

It shall give ATOB a run for his money in the contest.


This shot to #1 on NUMA so quickly. And this one took less than an hour (it just came out). Thanks a lot :)

Funny how the quickest ones are sometimes the best.


I just like my rocket dodging at the start of the ascent. The rest of the demo is both incomplete and boring, but the start's pretty fun...
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