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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-11
by 19 people.
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Description This map was designed with the custom levels list in mind- one of those levels where one can constantly try to improve on ones score...

Or, at least, that's the idea...

Comments, demos, ratings, zombie brain eating links, and criticism are all welcome.

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Damn you should have called that level a race! That was some grade A rocket dodging adrenaliney fun!
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I beat it but

the demo didnt work some reason :(


My brain!...oh well. CLICK THIS! >:)
Have this:

Very fun!

I loved it. Tileset incredibly cool and the flow wasn't too hard to find, for me. Haven't seen the other demo.

Slow-ish demo below:
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Wow, that really does need sopme precision shots... drives me insane. I dont like the lack of jumping or mess-up replay-ability. But fun none the less!


fun fun fun

fun fun fun
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Hi formica

On "flowly"...

It's supposed to be very hard to *get* the flow, but it is supposed to be there...

The mines are there to make the flow harder, not to get rid of it entirely.


Maybe you should view my demo first :P

Now blue_tetris knows where it's at as far as adjectives are concerned. This map IS voluptuous and testicular... might I be so bold as to even say it's a... mercurial map?

Just view the demo

and you might understand. Sure it isnt a perfect flow but still... its there


Flowy... yeah right.
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5 out of 5.

A liquid mango experience, yeah?


Whatever Flowy means, it doesn't describe this map. The mines are clear evidence against use of "flowy" for description.

Wonderfully flowy

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