Half-Life 2

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-02-14
Map Data

Description All Gold is worth more

This map was featured on 2011-09-25

Yes, I am aware of how old this map is!
Now that's out of the way, let's just enjoy the map, shall we? Half-Life 2 is a lot of fun, simply put. It features the staples of atob that I love, from his elegant minimalism to his mastery of creating tiles that fully explore the game-play on offer. Nothing is wasted here; every aspect of the map has it's time in the sun. When that kind of simplicity is used properly, you end up with a map that is a great, pure experience to play. — Orion_

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And the whole reason I asked was to feature it.... Oh well


u forgot the ninja


top exit. I love how the review just makes you want to play it, without any exaggeration. Because the map really is so good.
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love these open maps.
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Maybe too much gold, I ended up liking the double doors. Also I like zipping through the rocket cubbies like a boss. Some cool flow to be had.
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is my favourite bit. I was going to remove some gold from the bottom, but I like the sound it makes when you collect it all in one run. It does look a little much, I agree.

Cheers for the feature, Orion_. :)

A great deal of fun, the rockets were magnificent and the rest just pieced in perfectly. I simply disliked the double door mechinism implemented here.
4/5 (none-the-less)
The rest is classic atob. And even back in '06 he didn't enable ratings. :<

Love the review

Map looks like a lot of fun, worried the double doors will be an issue for me when I get around to playing it, but I'll just have to wait and see.



safety wink



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Very nice. The level has a classic episodic feel. Is very flowy and that floorguard is amazing. 5

+k for hl2

very entertaining.


If by 'concept' you mean an action map with gold, a ninja, some tiles, an exit and a couple of rockets... then yeh. Otherwise there's nothing remotely similar about the two

This was actually inspired by a previous map of my own which was in turn inspired by a Lucidium map.

So there.

You might

want to try actually playing it...


u forgot the ninja

some gold

yes, maximo was in your mind. same concept as this
But it's still nice. 4/5
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Haha, speed demo...

Nice map btw.
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Oh yeah...



All gold.

Fantastic map.
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YES! All Gold

Took me a long time.
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nice and simple


Really fun.
And a beautiful layout and honestly, this level is terrific.
Love it.

Speed demo for the bottom switch was lots of fun.
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both mentioned are two of the biggest influences on my overall style, but this wasn't made with either in mind specifically.

And thanks.

Also, I think you missed something :d

Wonderful level

Beautiful setup with a very satisfying flow and overall gameplay.
Here's an all-gold both-switch demo. This really reminded me of stepself's level "Suction," crossed with your classic astheoceansblue style, and maybe, if I'm not mistaken, a bit of influence from maximo?