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Author wellsj
Tags author:wellsj bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-02-15
Last Modified 2006-02-15
by 17 people.
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Description <<Map 8 in the Wellsj Simplicity Series>>

looks easier than it is. you can guess what contest this is for.


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*first place in the competition*

Faster all gold

Easier than it's cracked up to be.
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All gold

Great map
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That was a very fun/hard jumper puzzle. Thank you much for the challenge.
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0/5 because i can't beat it.

no, just kidding. but i hate that map. i hate you for making it. aaarrrggghhhh too difficult for me.

furthest i can get
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this is the fastest i've been able to all gold it so far without fbf. hell ya
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I didn't think a jumper could be made this small. I love it! 5/5 and faved


i was aiming for a really hard map in a small space with no enemies (which is very hard to do). the jumps get easier as the map goes on, so i think its pretty satisfying at the end which makes it worth while.

keep the comments coming! nobody looks at my maps anymore

i like it

but its realy hard, just to the point of frustration
yes its hard. yes its possible. just do it. if you cant then wait for someone to post a demo.

pleast also acknowledge its a jumper in a 9x9 space. i think its pretty crafty :)