mission possible..or is it?

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Author supercow
Tags action author:supercow playable unrated
Created 2006-02-16
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Description nope

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here are a few tips
1. Try to use tiles other than the E tile. it is often a good idea to make levels look nice aswell as making them fun.
2. Mines. you don't need that many at the top. You could use half as many and still have the same effect.
3. DON'T write words in mines. It is often completely pointless.
4. You don't seem to have put much thought into the placement of enemies. Position and reposition your enemies in positions that make the level fun.
5. Launchpads. Don't use the launchpad like that. When you hit the launchpad and there is that tiling near it, it causes you to stop for a couple of seconds, which is annoying.
6. This map is actually possible. I haven't got a demo, put i am POSITIVE that it is possible.

Use these tips to help you with your next map. It may just get a 4/5 or something...