The Wrath of Mikey

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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized eclectic playable rated sendy
Created 2006-02-18
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description I had Sendy's maps in mind while I made this. It reminds me of my maps "Initial" and "Pyrrhic".

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Nice demo RR

If anyone is having trouble getting all-gold, keep this in mind: If you get the trap door switches without any forethought, you have a 1 in 8 chance of trapping the drone. Of course, you can try to time this as well to improve your odds. This is easy to do with the first one, harder for the second, and harder still with the third. Give it a shot anyway.

Nice map.

Demo Data



Oh my.

This is so amazingly clever I'm going to scream.


May be my favorite map of yours yet...definate favorite.


Sloppy completion. Try faster, or go for all-gold (preferably)
Demo Data