Tileset- Squares

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized incomplete rated
Created 2006-02-18
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description Made while listening to the song of the same name...

(Squares, by the Beta Band.)

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This is one of your better tilesets. 5/5.

I made a map

demos anyone?


wrong map. I've got to stop doing that. Sorry.

Made a tileset

out of this tileset. Symbolism|msilobmyS -
Symbolism, but with inverted tiles. You know, all the gray tiles are white and vice-versa.

its cool

So is this here so that anyone can use it, as long as we give you credit?


Reminds me of an early advertisement for Microsoft (IE: Hippy Era)


and here it is:
I'd love to see how the two of you handle this tileset... I really hope you make the levels, I can't wait to see a proper level made out of this.
That makes 2 of us

Looks great.

I'd love to see something done with this. I may have a go later, If that's okay?

Fav'd for now.