Survival Conceptual- Delaying the inevitable

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized featured playable rated survival
Created 2006-02-18
by 31 people.
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Description This map is an idea demonstrated, nothing more. Hopefully somebody else can do something much better with my idea- a prolonged, one- way struggle towards certain doom.

This map was featured on 2009-01-20

A warm welcome greets you as you begin this map, a giant red laser drone staring you down with more than an intent to kill you. It's also there to make your life difficult and for good reason. Fortunately you have friends. Unfortunately, those friends follow you around wherever you go and are also trying to kill you. The only thing you have now is time to kill.
Welcome to the end of the rest of your life. — origami_alligator

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Don't go around stealing maps. Make your own.

Bit longer
Demo Data

Demo Data


See my comment from three years ago.

even longer

but not quite as awesome dodgings
Demo Data

Longest Demo!

and no cheating!
Demo Data
tho i might try it
Demo Data

edoI i dont think

formica is around anymore
Demo Data

Excellent survival

Hooray for oneway cheating. Remains a highly inventive if not quite action packed survival.

Hey formica

Can you let me use this map in a map pack that I'm running, NLympics? It would really fit in. Please... If you don't answer for 10 days, I'll use it, so inform me if you don't want that.


Demo Data

Fastest death

Demo Data

Go blue!

Here's the best demo I have. I might post with a better one.
Demo Data

To team red.

'tis the best demo I could achieve.
Demo Data


that was nto my final demo

long live team red

I will produce longer, later
Demo Data

Loved it

An entirely new skill involved.
Demo Data


Little longer.
Demo Data
Pfft, this is annoying. This is a great concept but I feel that the map could be improved. However for the concept I award thee 4.5/5.
Demo Data

My demo.

I die. Although thats the point, isn't it?
Demo Data


but not as good as some of your other survivals
Demo Data

I cant survive

for very long. I just make the doom come quicker by running headlong into the mine. Nice map, by the way.