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Author Sweep
Tags author:sweep bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2006-02-18
by 46 people.
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Description ~Mind is a razorblade~

You'll need poise when dealing with bounceblocks on this. If you don't, well, it'll probably be good training for you. Bounceblocks are my favourite part of N, and this is a race level that makes the most of them. If you're stuck, see my demo for the flow. Enjoy.

This map was featured on 2009-12-30

sweep is one of my favorite authors ever. This is a classic sweep map. Heartbeats is very smooth and intuitive, without losing a sense of challenge.

Before this, I had not seen bounce-blocks used to this degree in race or action. Gold is there for directional purposes only, a helping hand for you to find your way more easily. — rocket_thumped

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This is so cool

Trust me, I'm from the future.


bounce block usage. 5aved.




back in the day it was all lowercase.


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R_T said 'sweep'

Really great map

this map practically taught me how to control jumps off bounceblocks back in the day.


This is oooold.
Love, love, LOVE it.


Love it.
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AGD faster...
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Pretty fast.

Improved demo. Man, I love this level.
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I like it

apart from theshav's object races this is the first race ive ever seen that uses bounceblocks. 4.5/5


I'm with Lucidium. It feels so good and fun to play. Very creative as well.
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In my opinion, this beats the crazy miner three times over. 5/5 faved. Even though I messed up at the end, the rest of the demo was perfect,so oh well.
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One of the best race maps I've ever seen. I love how open the track is, race maps are usually too restrictive; Makes it feel less linear than it atually is.

However, IMO, if you could make this completely non-linear, you'd be onto something *really* special.

This is the *best*

use of bounce blocks I've ever seen! Motherlode actually had very ingeniously positioned bounce blocks too. Faved

Same time...

Really great map, very thoughtful and creative. Faved.
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I actually found that very last jump to the exit more difficult as you needed to move quickly. Fun map.
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Really innovative

The bounce blocks were really cool.


The feel of this map is just great. It's *really* fun when you get it right.
Nice one.


the demo. Not perfect, but still pretty good. I think there's only one really tough jump in here, the huge wall-jump off the bounceblock near the end...
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