Domo-kun FTW!

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-02-20
Last Modified 2006-07-01
by 89 people.
Map Data

Description I loves this map hard.
I sketched the design when I woke up in the middle of the night.
It's something different and I hope you all thoroughly enjoy it.
Rock out some all-golds.

Edit: fixed the title, because it was bugging me.

This map was featured on 2008-06-27

When I first came across this map I was properly dumb-struck. I called my friends in a mix of panic and excitement. "How perfectly original is this design?" I ranted at them, "And how can I possibly be happy with anything I create in NED again?".

Ok, so that didn't happen, but it /was/ my immense pleasure to play one of the most ludicrously brilliant maps I've had the fortune to. From the striking design to the perfect gameplay, Krusch manages to make me both entirely jealous and dizzy with geeky joy.

Like everlasting bubblegum without insulting your dentist. Fantastic. — astheoceansblue

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Demo Data

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oh yeah,

i saw this map just this morning as a random map on nreality

ii absolutely loved it 5aved
is better than sex

*an old map

Typo ¬_¬


If you want to see what everyone's opinion is, just feature and old map :P

i agree, Mekkah

the comment pages on featured maps is a great place to really see all the varying opinions from people. :)
Opinionated was what I meant. I don't know, it just seems to me that everyone always has different opinions. Obviouslly I knew that ahead of time - but the comments on this map really exemplifiy that. The comments here show diversifying opinions on not only this map but a bunch of others as well. I don't know if you know what I mean, but have you ever kinda known something, and then another instance or happening really shows it to be true?

I never made the original comment in a negative light - whatever, I'm a weirdo and my comment was pretty unnecessary. Sorry.



How so, Mekkah?


I had fun, not as hard as I had expected though.

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Amazing map. Good Work!
I just can't seem to find anything new that's even half as brilliant as this.


yes, it was very popular in the day, but today's standards are the ones that matter. I agree that two years ago this was a hot map, but featured maps should be new. I think a map that has been bitesized shouldn't be allowed to be featured, because it's the same thing.


check the time stamp on this map.

it may not be wildly innovative today, but was something fresh and new at it's time that inspired many authors.


I remember this map. Fantastic. And I usually don't like action maps. 5/5


Fastest yet
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Glad to see this got reviewed.
It's not hard, it's barely a puzzle, half of the map isn't used, the mines are completely pointless, there's absolutely no innovation...I guess it's the epicness everyone likes so much. I never understood what that meant.

and by lord_day

I mean mc_george. I'm such a spammer.

*scolds himself*

no c_b

you have to complete to agd. but you were very risky.


not feature-worthy in my opinion. 3.5 rounded up. although I liked the floorguards.

AND this was made without looking at lord_day's demo.
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I believe its the fastest! Kicked George's ass!
Demo Data
Still can't get over it.


i broke my screen cos i got so frustrated playing N.
5/5 i love this map.


would of given it a 5/5 except it made me so frustrated that I almost broke my computer

Almost complete demo.
Demo Data

Another oldie -.-

I better not rate it on this account as I've already rated with Master Jmd.
Demo Data
One of the best.

All gold demo

Love it.
Demo Data


This level rocks. Bad demo below.
Demo Data



nice map

very well planned out. something got screwed up in the map data and i thoguht this was a piece of junk. 5/5