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Author shadenshaft
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Created 2006-02-21
Last Modified 2006-02-23
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Description DONT RATE
A little thing i threw together for my friend who's newe to NUMA...:
Here are some ways that i've propelled N in my DDA's
Just load the level and you will notice that the Ninja is on a platform and you will see some doors with gold on them. Kill off N then respawn him on top of the golded doors and just sit back and watch...
Also edited pads guide can be found here

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i can't do it really either, and you have a is rather useless

ya know...

i never really learned that one


all of my techniques are home-taught and ive never been able to use the normal door one in a real DDA so i figured why even try and put it in there...


but you forgot to include normal door propulsion :-P
continuous only jump pad DDA's
add some pizaz at least...


Those are pretty much the main forms of transportation...