LV001: P-Form

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-21
Last Modified 2006-02-21
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Description !!HINT!!
You must play this to see how it works. The level 'opens up' as you progress.


I've been playing lots of LV's old maps recently.
He's become one of my favorite authors on NUMA.

This was made with his style in mind.

Tile design based on:

EDIT: Laid a carpet of mines at the bottom.

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more that I was thinking of his style while making it.


Plays differently from your style, seeing as you were going for an LVish map. Also I too have been playing some older LV maps and I must say he has become a favorite.


Ironically enough, here's a faster demo.
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Will make another one. :-)

Sorry calc

My Edit ruined your demo.

Very nice.

Demo Data

Great fun.

I loveth the tiles.
Loveth loveth loveth.