American Idiot

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Author kamikaze3000
Tags author:kamikaze3000 n-art rated
Created 2006-02-26
by 37 people.
Map Data

Description Made changes to the 'D', and to the pin. it makes the pin clearer now.

im resubmitting this because it was sniped

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cuz it was sniped?

get over it, man. i'm not a fan of any band, but i'll still rate 4.5
n art but i hate green day....4.5/5


i havent forgotten your ded, my level editor is soon as i fix it you will have a (hopefully) awesome dedication :-)
but i thought they would use the tileset somehow. Anyway 5


DIE GREEN DAY OMGz but still. its a nice art ill give u that.


thanks for the advice


if you want my advice, stay away from bands in general, because some idiot will decide that the band is bad and snipe the map...i like the art (not really the album) but 4.5/5
both of the 'sniper's are supposed to say sniped

see below

thats meant to say 'sniper'


ive just been sniper again


wow thats awesome 5/5 YAH!

Very good

4.5/5 too.