Pressed for time

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Author Lucidium
Tags action author:lucidium bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2004-10-27
by 78 people.
Map Data

Description Kind of an experimental level.
Hit the switch, and the thwumps will start towards you. They're unstoppable, so you better be fast. The final floor gives a change of pace as you hang on to the thwumps, dodging mines.

I'm not sure who discovered this trick with the thwumps, but thanks to whoever it was.

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Used to find this nigh-impossible and now did it on second try.
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Especially considering Lucidium's other levels, it amazes me that people find this difficult. Took me four tries today, and I friggin suck at this game.

Still genius.

It turned it into difficult, from impossible. I finally did it. But I'm now sick of trying and retrying it - a brilliant idea but not very well executed. Being featured as a compulsory level in a column makes it worse. The difficulty should be toned down to make it enjoyable imho.

Too hard for me

Sorry it is too hard for me, this is the level where I finally stopped playing N.




"Episode 86 Level 3: Pressed for Time ( by lucidium )"

Hmm... ._.

All of the levels in the 80's column are user-created levels. The one in that column is this level.


you used manets level!!!!


wrong demo xD this one is the right one
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I cheated
Demo Data


its not exactly like the real one... the mistakes are in the first track and the third



BTW I accidentally did this once on this map; the left hand thwump does it. []


Well, I love this level so much I figured I may as well download it and play it again in my userlevels... here's my replay!
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Since this map is part of the main game, and I didn't download it and beat it again, I can't post my replay. :-( However, I did beat it, as I have beaten all 500 levels... One of your best maps Lucidium. A truly unique idea
darn this level's hard! 1 huge 5 comin up

So cool... :-P

I love this map.


i am absulutely unable to beat it!!!!.............wich is why i am giving this map a big fat 5.Brilliant,absulutely brilliant


i wish i had mastered that when i spent a month trying to beat this level in N V1.4. I have a love / hate thing for this level. love the idea, challenge. hate how hard and annoying it can be.


But no completion. Demo just shows it's "cheatableness".
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I like it!



This maps awsome. Its like the best map in the game.

love it

5/5 took me about 15 minutes surprisingly short compared to these other ppl but i thought this was genius

no comment.

you had so much... what more to be said ?

Great level

Thanks! Frustrating, finally managed it, took me over an hour. How long did it take you to perfect it?



Demo Data


Can any one post some v1.4 data so i can watch it? Cuz quite frankly I cant beat it...

Hate Hate!

Oh, it's a great map, Lucidium's maps always kick ass, but why did they have to select one of the hardest race maps as 86-3? The one race map where the second part is sketchy even when you know what you have to do and have run it over 150 times, where the third part takes hours to get down right, and where the fourth part is a nasty mine set that requires precision jumping with a horrifyingly short time constraint to make a precision jump to the exit?
Well, I finished it. Only took me about 6 hours T_T


crazy. hard tho 5/5

I love it.

That map is genius.

Is It Possible!?

I tried that 100 times(really I counted) and couldnt beat it.How the hell do you do it!!!!!????

ZalZap's Comments

That thwump idea is really well idealized! How did you find that element from them? One of the best maps in this server, and the best i have played. It is quite tough, and i usuallu dont like short-time levels, but this needs atleast 4,5 rating thanks to the idea!

Woooooooo! Yeah!

Finally beat this sucker!
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Quite simply,

Slick as fuck :D

Nice one.. Very tight though.


Cheers for all the praise, glad you like it.
HeartView: Just placing, no code editing.

Also, here's a demo in case anyone can't do it.
Demo Data
With just placing the thumps or is there hacking involved?