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Author ConfusedCartman
Tags author:confusedcartman playable race rated
Created 2006-03-04
Last Modified 2006-03-04
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description This is a race map I just designed. It has great flow, and most of the time you are either getting squeezed through a small space, moving really fast, or dodging chaingun bullets. Have fun!

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lol Zyvilyn;

I thought the same thing


MAAN! Did someone snipe it, or did it go from 5 to 4 by rating 4/5?


from 5 to 4 in one rating.

Very nice

1st try actually. So generic openish races are coming back in style? Maybe I'll start submitting some from my FUN series...

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I was going to give you a 4.5, but then i noticed how it looks like a hideously deformed rabbit in the thumbnail, so that got you the extra .5
great map


This Map is fricken AMAZING! You are a genius! 1000/1000. Holy Mother of N!


i liked it 4/5